Course Outline

How to develop core prerequisite and emergent reading skills for our most complex learners

In this session, we consider developing literacy skills as an entitlement of all learners, including those defined as having PMLD and the most complex needs.

The focus will be on developing the foundation skills for literacy learning for this group and where to begin. In addition, we will deepen our understanding of the prerequisite skills such as engagement and motivation, communication skills, sense of rhythm, pattern and order, sound discrimination, awareness of vocabulary and intention of the text, attention skills and developing working memory.

The aim is to demonstrate how to create a reading curriculum for all, exploring the continuum of prerequisite skills and ways to provide an engaging, motivating and creative reading curriculum for our most complex learners, explicitly touching on ideas for the home environment and empowering parents/carers.

This course is a more in-depth look at the prerequisites of reading than ‘Teaching Reading to ALL’, so it is an excellent follow-up to this if you want to know more. But, equally, it is perfect as a standalone course.

NB: Updated to reflect the outcomes and implementation of the Reading Framework published in July 2021.