All your staff trained for one price!

We have three FREE 'taster' courses for you so you know what to expect from our online learning!  

All our online learning courses have text, video, photographs, infographics, reflective practice and a quiz for you to check your learning.  There's also an evaluation so you can give us feedback.

We are offering our online learning on a yearly subscription basis for all staff on a single site.  Your school or centre can subscribe to single courses or choose from four course bundles which are:

All Access Subscription Bundle

Autism Bundle

Working with Sensory Loss

Multi Sensory Learning

How will my subscription work?

A quick guide!

Each school/academy/setting can buy one subscription which will cover all staff on one site.


If you have more than one site you may require one than one subscription. Please contact us for advice.

Payment of your subscription is made online or via invoice. 

Once payment is received, we will create access for your school or setting.  To do this we will need:


1.  A spreadsheet of names and email addresses of staff who require access to the online learning.  This should be in .xlsx or .csv with separate columns for first name/last name and email address.


2.  A name and email address for a designated ‘administrator’ for your account.  


This administrator will be able to track the progress of each individual member of your staff through each of the courses available to you. 

Each member of staff will have their own unique account which they will log into using their email address. Once your staff have been enrolled, they will receive an email with their login instructions.  If a member of staff has already created an account with us (for one of the free courses) then they will continue to use this email and password combination.

Private individuals

If you are a private individual and you would like a subscription to our courses please contact for pricing and terms.

Why online learning?

More about what we are offering!

Our online learning offers you several advantages over our face to face training, but remains very specific to current issues within provision for pupils with SEND.  Our online training continues to be highly specialised and focused on what you really need to know.

  • Our online courses all contain a mixture of video, text, photos, infographics, downloadable resourses - and a quiz to check your learning!
  • Reflective practice is suggested regularly throughout each course
  • Learning can be accessed in any location, on any device
  • Progress throughout each course is clearly indicated in a side bar
  • All movies are closed captioned in English
  • All online learning courses are certificated
  • Our online learning is suitable for individuals or for whole school subscription
  • Each individual will have their own login
  • Online learning is flexible and convenient with learning at your own pace
  • Our training is practical and effective - upskilling staff to widen their teaching strategies with the confidence to use them

We will continue to offer free online SEND training.


Find out what others think of our free SEND online learning: 'An introduction to multi sensory learning.'

‘Have just gone through the introductory module. Excellent! Wonderful pitch…very accessible for TA’s too.  Really liked the video clips with the voiceover (what rich tones you have Richard.)  The clarity of presentation, the summing up, the reflection - short, sharp, punchy. Well done guys!’

Barry Carpenter, OBE CBE PhD Professor of Mental Health in Education, Oxford Brookes University.

‘Great resource - not too much reading to do in one chunk, which I know will suit some of our staff much more.  And the addition of the videos and photos works really well to keep you engaged.  I also really like how you create a log-in and then the bar to the left keeps track of what you’ve completed so I could pick up where I left off in manageable chunks.’

Lara Parr, Head of School, Newbridge School Essex

‘I have now completed the course on-line. I enjoyed it. Delivery was straight to the point. Clear information is given and key points specified which enables you to self-assess understanding of content. Good content to build on foundations.’ 

Montserrat Valldeperas, Teacher Hornbeam Academy Trust