Course Outline

Carol Allen will begin by examining what sequenced learning,  a crucial technique for successful learning activities, is. Then, she considers how it looks when working from the child’s perspective, as outlined in the Engagement Model, and how best to utilise this in your classroom.

Linked to this, Nick Sheffield will then consider what a good Engagement Profile looks like and how to create your own profile which puts the child at its centre, actively promoting engagement while supporting the teaching team.

Next, he explores how the Engagement Profile supports teaching and learning using the information gathered to inform practice. He includes using pupil voice as a critical driver for change.

Creating a culture of reflective practice in the classroom is central to building a team of ‘engagement experts.’  Nick will share practical ways to achieve this, including the use of peer-to-peer observation, team coaching techniques and the role of video.

Monika Gaweda finishes with a strategic overview of how to base your School Self Evaluation Form on the Engagement Model including quality of teaching and learning, behaviour and attitudes, leadership and management and personal development.