We have four Online Learning Bundles and ten individual courses that you can buy any combination of.

For example, you might buy our ‘Autism Bundle’ as well as ‘Sensory on a shoestring and portable sensory environments’ course.

NB Our All Access Bundle includes all of our online learning courses. 

Our current pricing structure is for ‘early adopters’ and will be reviewed by 8 May 2020.

Whichever bundle or single course you choose, this covers online learning for up to 50 staff on one school site.


If you have more than one school site or more than 50 staff, you may need to buy more than one license for each bundle or individual course. You may also need different bundles or individual courses for different sites.  Please contact us for advice - lois@hirstwood.com.


You can pay online by credit card or request an invoice. 


On receipt of  payment, we will create access for your school or setting.  To do this we will need:


1. A spreadsheet of names and email addresses of staff who need access to the online learning.  This should be in .xlsx or .csv with separate columns for first name/last name and email address.  Please check that the email addresses are correct!


2. A name and email address for a designated ‘administrator’ for your account.  


The administrator will be able to track the progress of each individual member of staff through the online learning. 


Each member of staff will have their own unique account which they will log into using the email address supplied. Once enrolled, staff will receive an email with their login instructions.