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‘Our staff have really enjoyed the online free training packages’ - Jo Cliffe, Headteacher Wren Spinney School.

'The training is simple, easy to follow, relevant and interesting. It really made me think how I can adapt my sessions to better suit the needs of my learners.' Julie Scholtz, Wren Spinney School 

‘Great resource - not too much reading to do in one chunk, which I know will suit some of our staff much more.  And the addition of the videos and photos works really well to keep you engaged.  I also really like how you create a log-in and then the bar to the left keeps track of what you’ve completed so I could pick up where I left off in manageable chunks.’ Lara Parr, Head of School, Newbridge School

An introduction to multi sensory learning.

‘Have just gone through the introductory module. Excellent! Wonderful pitch…very accessible for TA’s too.  Really liked the video clips with the voiceover (what rich tones you have Richard.)  The clarity of presentation, the summing up, the reflection - short, sharp, punchy. Well done guys!’

Barry Carpenter, OBE CBE PhD Professor of Mental Health in Education, Oxford Brookes University.

‘An excellent course, presented in a lively, engaging manner with a great 'voice over'. Well-thought out and planned with excellent images and video-clips to illustrate key points. Guidance elsewhere for further information was offered and the 'Discussion' option would, I am sure, prove very handy for some.’  Jim Garretts, Pendle Community High School.

‘A great insight to Multi sensory learning and beneficial for those who have not worked with PMLD children and a great as a refresher course for those who have.’  Lisa Beasley

A Practitioner’s Guide to the Rochford Review

‘It gave a good insight into the Rochford review and how it will be used from September 2020. ‘ Mazz Tupper

Easy to understand and makes you reflect on your own practice’ - Katie Fielding, Kingsbury School

An introduction to resourceful teaching and learning

‘A great course to get you thinking about everyday objects that can be repurposed as an educational tool.’ Elaine Fox, Reculver Primary School

‘Extremely informative, simply and thoroughly explained even if you are new to this field and way of working with hard to reach learners.’ Joanne Redmond, Millwood School

Autism & Difficult Behaviour

‘Lots of useful information...backed up with videos’  - Subi Sukumaran, Strathmore School

‘Very impressed.’ Helen Courtney, Sperrinview school

Sensory on a shoestring & portable environments

‘Very clear about what we were going to learn about - very easy to understand and follow.’ Jennifer Rogers, Brackenhill School